Lodge of Perfection

Venerable Master .... Michael A. Watts, 33°

Senior Warden .... Mitchell A. Reynolds, 32° KCCH

Junior Warden .... Wilson O. Cook 32° KCCH

Orator .... Justin Keith Gates, 32° KCCH

Secretary .... Wilson O. Cook 32° KCCH

Treasurer  ... Roy McDuffie, 33°

Prelate .... W. Brian Price, 32° KCCH

Master of Ceremonies, M. Cash Melville, 32° KCCH

Expert .... Allan K. Bean, 32°

Assistant Expert .... C. Marcus Bailey, 32°

Captain of the Host .... E. Orum Young, Jr. 32°

Tyler .... M. Scott Goss, 32°

Chapter of Rose Croix

Wise Master .... William S. "Tank" Blake, 32°

Senior Warden .... Willis Brad Evans, III, 32°

Junior Warden .... Mathew P. Tessier, 32°

Orator .... John M. Coats, V, 32°

Secretary/Almoner .... Wilson O. Cook, 32° KCCH

Treasurer .... Roy McDuffie, 33°

Master of Ceremonies .... John Paul Mcdonald, 32°

Expert .... Donald Malone Scarborough, 32°

Assistant Expert .... David Allen Gulledge, 32°

Master of Ceremonies .... John Paul Mcdonald, 32°

Standard Bearer .... Leo Kitchens, 32°

Guard of the Temple .... Thomas Edward Haire, II, 32°

Tyler .... Shawn M. Smith, 32°

Council of Kadosh

Commander .... Troy L. Lord, 32° KCCH

First Lt. Commander .... Wilson O. Cook, 32° KCCH

Second Lt. Commander .... Gary L. Foster, 32°

Chancellor .... Oma Frank Lee, 32° KCCH

Orator .... Matthew P. Tessier, 32°

Recorder/Almoner .... Wilson O. Cook, 32° KCCH

Treasurer .... Roy McDuffie 33°

Master of Ceremonies .... J.D. Harper 32°

Turcopilier .... Brian M. Cielatka, 32°

Draper .... Thomas Edward Haire II, 32°

First Deacon .... Bryann Keith Finley, 32°

Second Deacon .... Barry Antley, 32°

Bearer of Beauseant .... Willis Bradley Evans III, 32°

Bearer of White Standard .... Buddy G. Barnett, 32°

Bearer of Black Standard .... D Russ Price, 32°

Lieutenant of Guard .... John Allen Johnston, 32°

Sentinel .... Mark St. John, 32°

Monroe Consistory

Master of Kadosh .... Buddy Barnett, 32°

Prior .... Allan K. Bean, 32°

Preceptor .... David R. Marine, 32°

Chancellor .... H. Barlow Holley, 32°KCCH

Minister of State .... Marcus Bailey, 32°

Recorder/Almoner .... Wilson O. Cook, 32° KCCH

Treasurer .... Roy McDuffie, 33°

Prelate ... Jamey Maxwell, 32° KCCH

Master of Ceremonies .... Leo Kitchens, 32°

Expert .... John M. Bush, III, 32°

Assistant Expert .... Gary Scott Oglesbee, 32°

Captain of the Guard .... Bryan Keith Finley, 32°

Tyler .... Zachery Michael Redhand, 32°

About Us


Our Philanthropy

The Monroe Scottish Rite Foundation sponsors students at the University of Louisiana at Monroe working towards their Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology by working with children in reaching their speech and language goals through the RiteCare system. 

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Our Facility

The Monroe Scottish Rite Center provides meeting space for multiple organizations associated with the Masonic community in Northeast Louisiana.  

If you would like to speak to someone about renting our facility, please follow the link under " Contact Us."

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Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Dr. D. A. Strickland Memorial Library

The Dr. D. A. Strickland memorial library at the Monroe Scottish Rite contains a vast selection of educational and reference material to help anyone on their Masonic education, or those who are interested in researching Masonic history. As well as rare, historic texts, we also have artifacts that date back to the beginning of the Monroe Scottish Rite as well as personal items from former members of the Temple.  If you are interested in visiting our library, please contact us today.